Required university input

We need the following input from you to set up your institution's participation:

  1. Month of participation between April and November
  2. Full name of your academic institution (max. 63 characters will be visible)
  3. Acronym of your university or college (max. 6 characters)
  4. Name of the city where your academic institution is located
  5. Exact number of students
  6. Exact number of staff members
  7. Year of foundation
  8. Official logo in two versions (both at least 800 Px high):
    - logo on square area and
    - logo on area of width-to-height ratio 4:3
  9. A very simple though specific control question and its answer, in order to detect whether participants really belong to your university or college (learn more and inspect examples ...)
  10. The specific address (URL) of your academic institution's web page providing information about the ABC (this will be linked from the ABC website and app)
  11. Email address and phone number of
    a) the responsible person(s) for the Social Media channels of your university or college that could be relevant for the ABC and
    b) the press officer of your university or college.
    Please let those people know that we will contact them in order to provide free helpful material for their communication activities.


Questions? Visit the FAQ page or contact us.