Details on the control question and its answer

Please send a very simple though specific control question and its answer, in order to detect whether participants really belong to your university or college.

How the question must be

  • expressed as simple as possible
  • easy to answer for all staff members and students from your university or college
  • related to a local fact belonging to your city or institution

How the answer must be

  • composed of one single word or at most two single words
  • spelled unambiguously for everyone
  • clearly the one and only correct answer


  • Q: What is the name of the main river in Bologna?
    A: Reno
  • Q: What is the motto of Harvard University?
    A: Veritas
  • Q: What is the first name of the President of Stockholm University?
    A: Astrid

Why we request this question and answer

The demand for the correct answer will make sure that participants enter your university or college consciously and that they bear a certain relation to your institution. It excludes users who may just try out the app and join a university or college for actually no reason. Such a question and answer is a simple and effective method to prevent misapprehension during the ABC. Participants will get asked the question just once, when joining your university or college within the ABC. It will be sufficient to keep the combination of question and answer as simple as described above.


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