ABC FAQ for participants

Who is allowed to participate in the ABC?

All staff members and students as well as alumni of the universities that officially take part in the ABC.

When will the ABC take place?

The ABC takes place annually from April till November. It's up to your university or college, in which month it participates. The active period is from day 1 to 30 each month.

How to record trips?

Record your cycled trips with the Naviki app. It's free and simple! Find a tutorial on how to record trips with the Naviki app here ...

Where am I allowed to record trips?

For the ABC it does not matter in which city, region or country you cycle. Every valid trip counts. Even if your university or college is in country A it's no problem if you cycle and record trips in country B.

Does it cost to participate?

No. For participants the ABC is completely free. The Naviki app provides some in-app-purchases. But don't worry, you don't need any of them to participate in the challenge.

What am I going to win?

Definitely a lot of fun, health and a significant visible contribution to climate protection. It's up to your local university to provide further attractive prizes.

What are the ABC rules?

Please find all rules for participants here ...

Which app do I need to participate?

The Naviki app. It provides the opportunity to join the ABC and to record your cycled trips. Moreover it contains the ABC leaderboards. Get the free app here ...

What is the connection between the ABC and Naviki?

The ABC provides the Naviki app for all ABC participants in order to record bicycle trips and to view up-to-date ABC leaderbords. Moreover, Naviki is a comprehensive bicycle app. Its main functions are route planning and navigation for cycling as well as documentation of your cycling activities. More about Naviki ...

My university doesn't take part yet. What can I do?

Convince your university to take part by writing or speaking to the responsible staff. These can be people who are responsible for health and fitness as well as those who care for climate protection and the environment. You're also welcome to provide their contact data by writing to We'll do our best to bring the ABC to your university.

Why does our mileage show up incomplete in worldwide rankings?

After your active 30 days we add a 1/30 of your total mileage to the worldwide rankings each day within following months. Day by day your mileage grows up to your complete level by the end of each month. That way, participants, teams and universities can compete on a daily basis even though they cycle during different months.

What about Privacy and Data protection?

To give you a better understanding about what data is collected and processed when participants use the Naviki app to participate in the ABC, we have compiled a Privacy Overview. From a more formal point of view, please see our official privacy policy, which is part of our legal notice.

Who organises the ABC?

At your university: the responsible staff belonging to the administration of your university or college. On worldwide level: the ABC team, based in Germany.