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Join the ABC – your global challenge for more cycling, fresh air, less CO2 emission, and a healthier lifestyle!

How it works

The ABC: your challenge

It's incredibly easy

Get on your bike and just start cycling. Simply record your trips with our free app to collect more and more ABC kilometres. 

Tension rises daily

Experience a whole month of fantastic bicycle fun between April and November. Who's cycles most on your campus? Do biologists, lawyers, or linguist perform best? What will be your individual ranking? Our versatile rankings will tell, also anytime in the app.

Participating is worth it

Boost your fitness and make a particularly symbolic contribution to environmental and climate protection. Get on your bike as often as possible for a month between April and November!

Numerous thrilling leaderbords

Up-to-date rankings for individuals, teams, academic disciplines: worldwide and at university-level!

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Help making bicycle traffic stronger

Your university doesn't participate in the ABC yet? Get in touch with your university's responsible staff and ask them to get in touch with us. Alternatively, send us contact data of your institution's person in charge.