About the ABC

ABC: the global awareness campaign

Bicycles can change the – at least a little bit! We're convinced that the ABC is an important global change for a better lifestyle. How? Through collective cycling! The ABC will generate attention for the huge potential of everyday and leisure cycling. It will point up the benefits of cycling for us and the environment.

Mission: to promote cycling

With the ABC we are committed to promote healthy, social academic environments with green campuses. We aim to playfully inspiring people all around the world to cycle more often; together with you we would like to embody the change we want to see in the world. That’s why we've designed the ABC.

Vision: a globally sustainable lifestyle

Future global challenges need healthy people that identify with a sustainable lifestyle. We believe in both: cycling people have the power to form the future of our planet and riding a bike has endless benefits!

Team: we are cyclists 

Our ABC team consists of 22 young professionals from the areas of software engineering, marketing, communications, and event management. We are based in Germany's cycling capital Münster and guess what passion we all have in common? Cycling!

Meet the Team

Arne Kaiser

Mirjam Bauer

Silvio Kühn

Sven Luzar

Sebastian Weiß

Jerome Dreyer

Mirko Werner

Robert Memering

Frank Heuwes

Gernot Bauer

Achim Hennecke

Robin Röttger

About beemo

beemo is the enterprise behind the ABC.

beemo is a spin-off enterprise from Münster University of Applied Sciences. beemo operates the international platform for bicycle routing "Naviki" and provides its free app for the ABC’s implementation. With specialists from different areas, including software engineering, marketing, communications and event management, we will ensure a smooth operation of the ABC.

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