Privacy Overview

Here is a detailed overview of what data is collected and processed when participants use the mobile app Naviki to participate in the Academic Bicycle Challenge:

a) User accounts

The Naviki app may be used without creating a user account (i.e. without providing personal data). For participating in a Naviki contest, a user account is essential, as the main purpose of a Naviki account is saving a user’s recorded routes (see below). When a user creates an account, the following data is collected:

Mandatory entries:

  • User name: nickname chosen by the user, no real name
  • E-mail address (not visible to other users)

Optional entries (empty or default value, if not entered):

  • Language (default: from browser preferences, otherwise English)
  • Profile image (can be uploaded, default: none)
  • Gender (default: none)
  • Birthday (default: none)
  • Body weight (default: none)
  • Body height (default: none)
  • Average speed (default: 15 km/h)
  • “My car” (some pre-defined options, representing standard car classes/sizes, default: “Medium class gasoline 216 g CO2/km”), used to calculate fuel savings and CO2 avoidance by cycling
  • Notification option for email newsletter (default: not selected [“opt-in”])
  • Privacy option (“I agree that other users can see Naviki information such as my profile picture and my username.”, default: not selected [“opt-in”])


  • Planned routes, saved by the user via function “Memorise route…”
  • Routes uploaded by the user (e.g. GPX files)
  • Routes recorded by the user with the Naviki app


  • Date of registration
  • Date of last log-in

The user data is stored as long as the user account exists. When a user deactivates their account (via “Settings” on the Naviki website), or if a user explicitly asks for deletion of their account, all data associated with the account is deleted immediately.

b) Other data processing


Heatmaps are images that show cycling activity in a specific region, e.g. in the form of gradually coloured lines on top of a map background, showing frequently used relations in a brighter shade. We generate heatmaps mostly for customers who organise Naviki cycling contests. It is not possible to identify specific users or dates/times on the map. We truncate every recorded track by 400 m at the beginning and at the end in order to prevent precise identification of starting points and destinations.

c) Third-party data processing

  • The data described in (a) is not transferred to third parties, except for two purposes: 1) Anonymized routes can be published as heatmaps (as described in (b)), 2) beemo can transfer aggregated and anonymized data from routes recorded with Naviki to third parties (contest organizers), who can use the statistics, e.g.  to improve their local cycling infrastructure.
  • In the context of operating the mobile apps (iOS and Android), we use the following services provided by Google Inc.:
    • Google AdSense: for displaying advertisements to app users
    • Fabric/Crashlytics: for analysis of software errors/crashes and for creating parametrised app usage statistics
    In both cases, the data is anonymised before transmission. No personal data from the Naviki account (e.g. user name or email address) is transmitted to Google Inc. Both services are used under Google’s privacy regulations in accordance with the GDPR, effective from 27 April 2018:


d) Conditions specific to Naviki Contests (like the Academic Bicycle Challenge)

In case a user participates in a Naviki contest, they also agree

  • that their Naviki username is published in rankings, and
  • that their Naviki username and email address may be given to contest organizers for the purpose of contacting the participants in the matter of the contest.